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Introducing Healing Is a Journey – Find your own path to hope, recovery, and wellness

This book explores the power and capacity we each have to rise to the challenges we face. Whether they are physical, emotional or financial, you are encouraged to set apart quiet time to reflect on your circumstances and connect with your wise inner voice.

What: Book Signings, Poetry Readings and Conversation
When: frequently
Where: all over south Florida
For more information, call Minx at (561) 624.7984 and check out her FaceBook Page.

The WomenCircle

We as women are relational by nature. We thrive in connection. The WomenCircle is an opportunity for us to come together to explore what matters and what counts to us both individually and collectively in a safe and beautiful environment. Together we seek new ways of being as well as discover next best steps for moving forward in our lives with grace and power.

The poet Mary Oliver asks, “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” Are you willing to take time out of your already always busy life to revisit, recharge, and recommit to your Best Self? Join Coach Minx at the WomenCircle – a 2 hour journey of easy camaraderie, joyful exploration, deep reflection, and Self discovery.

Where: Kaffee’s Garden Spa
4100 South Dixie Highway
West Palm Beach, FL 33405
When: Ongoing / Contact for date the next series begins
For more information contact: / 561-624-7984 / 561-833-4483

The Richness of Ritual

“Ritual is the act of sanctifying action – even ordinary actions – so that it has meaning: I can light a candle because I need the light or because the candle represents the light I need.”
~ Christina Baldwin, Life’s Companion

It is not that our lives lack ritual but rather that most rituals have lost their meaning and shifted into the realm of the ordinary.  Without the thoughtfulness of purpose, a ritual becomes mere habit. We trivialize so many opportunities for depth and connection by performing our actions out of habit rather than conviction and reverence – everything from birthday cards and gifts to religious rituals and personal celebrations performed by rote lose their meaning and their magic.

Ritual is a way of making potent and powerful what would otherwise be nothing more than everyday activity.  It delineates a shift in consciousness and imbues our actions with a special kind of energy.

In our technically brilliant modern society, there are too few places where we are encouraged, or even allowed, to plumb our deepest selves and honor our multi-dimensionality with intention and grace.  Yet women have used rituals to mark the cycles of the moon, the passage of the seasons, and the rhythms of our bodies.  The enactment of empowering and inspiring rituals, performed alone or in groups, can provided a different perspective from which to view and celebrate the fullness of our lives.

Where: Kaffee’s Garden Spa
4100 South Dixie Highway
West Palm Beach, FL 33405
When:  Once each month / ongoing / Contact for next date
For more information contact: / 561-624-7984 / 561-833-4483

Journal Keeping: Discovering Your Self on the Page

To journal is to make use of pen and paper to record events, thoughts, emotions, possibilities, priorities, and just about anything else on our minds.  Journal keeping as a tool for self-reflection allows us to shape vague and amorphous thoughts and feelings into concrete and coherent language.  It is a way to organize, prioritize, and find an outlet for the incessant chattering of the mind.  Journaling can be a powerful tool for releasing pent-up emotions as well as for self-discovery.  As such, it is a way of making the inner voices of one’s heart, mind, and soul more audible.

“Journalkeeping is an act of risk, disclosure,
vulnerability and courage.
It is also an act of self-affirmation.”
~ Kay Leigh Hagan

Experience the power and magic of journaling for yourself.  Discover why there has been such a resurgence of interest in this age-old writing form. Explore why reflective journal writing is far more valuable and interesting than the old image of “Dear Diary” would suggest.  Learn a variety of basic tips and techniques that allow even the most inexperienced writer to reap the benefits of this process.  Take advantage of this opportunity to try different approaches in order to develop your own form of creative expression.

Where:  throughout South Florida
When:   throughout the Fall and Winter

For more information contact: / 561.624.7984

Empower Parties®

Empower Parties® are about unlocking our passion, potential and purpose for joyful living. Each gathering is a unique life coaching experience – more than just an enjoyable time with friends. It’s an affordable investment in yourself, your life, and your relationships. Empower Parties® provide an opportunity to:

  • re-energize your life
  • reframe everyday challenges as possibilities
  • explore new ways of thinking to fully unlock potential
  • learn strategies for taking action toward goals and dreams
  • discover powerful, yet playful, new paths toward personal growth and well-being

Read more about Empower Parties® at

Contact for information about creating a party for / with your friends, colleagues, co-workers.



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