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Growing (B)older with Gratitude, Gusto, Grit, and Grace

Growing (B)older with Gratitude, Gusto, Grit, and Grace by Minx Boren is a journey into the experience of growing through midlife and beyond. It is an invitation to look back over all that brought you to this time and place, standing at the crossroads of here and now, while also looking to the future with hope and determination. It contains a wide swath of reflections about what it takes to grow boldly. The book explores how you can remain involved and engaged in what matters and counts for you as well as connected to others and to the larger communities in which we all participate. The core theme revolves around the quest to see each new day as a gift and an opportunity to live in a way that is meaningful, purposeful, joyful, and fulfilling.

Written from the perspective of a longtime Master Certified Coach (MCC), Growing (B)older is meant to evoke curiosity and inspire clarity and commitment rather than offer prescriptive advice. Using a coach approach, Minx includes questions to consider so that you can discern your own ideas and strategies about to how to thrive through this time of life. There is also a downloadable list of journal and conversational prompts to invite you to enter more deeply into this provocative process of growing (b)older.

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I so enjoy good and feisty words
the kind that convey far and away
more than a dictionary
definition can possibly capture.

I am thinking about gutsy
rolling the letters around on my tongue
letting its guttural sound
vibrate around in my throat.

If only I could swallow it whole
and embody that quality
of clear and courageous presence
by simply willing it into being…my being.

But it takes grit and gumption
a clarity of conviction and
the will and willingness to step up
ever so boldly and embody my Truth.

No matter the gusty winds
that howl relentlessly at my most
strongly held beliefs and my most
deeply felt inklings and knowings

gutsiness is about holding fast
to values, standing up
to the vicissitudes of life and
facing the prickly fickleness of fortune.

And so I must make time
to step out beyond the ongoing
onslaught of conflicting ideas
and everyone else’s good intentions

in order to seek my own plucky way
through the forest of advice
and flurry of information that threaten
to obscure my very own path.

And all this must be done with grace
and true graciousness
with the sincerity of my own gratitude
and the ongoing opening of my own heart.

from the heart, mind, and pen of Minx

Hold Me – A More Than Coloring Book

by Minx Boren and Marsha Lehman, illustrations by Linda Karofsky
We all need (although we sometimes ignore or forget) to be touched, hugged, and held. This more than coloring book, more than journal provides a tool for you to get in touch with your hide-away wisdom in a gentle pleasure filled way. Through a process of writing, coloring, doodling, and reflecting, you are encouraged into actions that can honor this basic need in varied and creative ways.

Price $25 plus $5.00 shipping.

PJ Party Retreat Book – Women Really Love to Have Fun

By Minx Boren and Marsha Lehman
A wonderful book about playful connectivity for women like us who yearn for opportunities to laugh and share and recharge and celebrate our authentic selves in the company of like-minded others.

Price: $25.00 plus $5.00 shipping.

MenoPAUSE for Pleasure

By Minx Boren and Marsha Lehman
An informational, resourceful, choice-full coloring journaling pondering book. This is YOUR time to take great good care of yourself and this book is chock full of ideas for making the most of your menopausal passage – a journey into your Self, a deep dive into authentic womanly awareness and a chance to see midlife as an opportunity to take you more profoundly into who you really are so as to emerge with a new sense of vision, purpose, and strength of mind, body, and emotions.

Price: $33.00 plus $5.00 shipping

My BLIP Journal

Minx Boren, BA, MCC
Rev. Marsha Lehman, M. Ed., MA
Partnerfriends in AWE
Authentic Woman© Enterprises LLC
A beautifully illustrated and downloadable collection of 52 AWEsome thoughts, AWEdacious questions, and AWEthentic Woman® coach requests, with ample space for personal reflections, ponderings, inklings, and AHAs!!! This compilation of the first 52 E-Blips created by Minx and Marsha is now available as a downloadable 8½ x 11″ journal with added instructions and ideas. Rip open the envelope of your self-discovery, flip through this journal of possibility, slip easily into sacred space, and dip into your inner cauldron of creativity. BLIP blissfully into your Authentic Woman® self.

Price: $10.00; Instant delivery via Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Download.

Daily Discoverings of Your Divine Feminine – FALL

Wander through the Fall season to reap the harvest of both your carefully planned and carelessy playful meanderings of the past several months. Now is the time to gather and cull the wisdom that is waiting for you to discover in Life and in the pages of your journal.

Price $7.77 Instant .pdf Download

Daily Discoverings of Your Divine Feminine – WINTER

Daily Discoverings of Your Divine Feminine – WINTER

Begin with the Winter season to dig deep into your womanly realms. In this season of longer nights and opportunities for reflective time curled up under covers or in front of a fire, allow yourself to explore your inner knowings and inklings.

Price $7.77 Instant .pdf Download

Daily Discoverings of Your Divine Feminine – SPRING

Enter into the Spring season to sow the seeds of your most Authentic Self in this moment. At this time of new beginnings, spend reflective time exploring what it is that wants to germinate and grow.

Price $7.77 Instant .pdf Download

Daily Discoverings of Your Divine Feminine – SUMMER

Dive into the Summer season to experience the fullness and lushness of your most Authentic Self. Bring to the surface your own wisdom and wonderment of who you are now.

Price $7.77 Instant .pdf Download

The CalendHER System

What is the CalendHER System™? It is more than just a system for recording appointments, filling out “to do” lists, and keeping track of goals and there is a place to do all of these things. It is a fun, artistic, colorful, creative, highly visual system for keeping track of time and staying on track by observing, recording, and planning one’s life. It is a comprehensive system for paying careful attention to both inner reflection and outward achievement.


Photography credits: Katie Deits and Lynn Hernandez